Offshore Banking(1)

Offshore Banking(4)

If you are considering an offshore investment, banking service or any other financial activity that is conducted offshore, a very important factor that will determine how well the matter turns out is the jurisdiction you choose to host to hose your offshore services or accounts.
Selecting a jurisdiction can be a relatively complicated decision. The factors and conditions to consider are many: economic and political stability, laws and regulations concerning statutes of disclosure, the available business infrastructure, and the geographic region where the jurisdiction is located.
The following is a list of the most common offshore jurisdictions:
Since each of these jurisdictions has its own laws that regulate the financial dealings of offshore companies, you should consult with your solicitor regarding the legal scenarios involved for each of the jurisdictions you are interested in before making your final decision.
Certain jurisdictions may also require residence status for foreign nationals that are looking to set up businesses or bank accounts within their territory. Therefore you should also consider if you have long-term plans for working there, or whether it may be a place you with to retire to.